The feeling will fade away eventually, but the memory can exist forever. Everytime we retrospect the stories in mind, actually we are reshaping that again and which is turned into another new memory with some extra our own imaginations. Everyting can be reminiscent of the past wonderful experiences and then we realize it never happen again. So we always pursue the joyfulness and end in frustration.

We will travel again and again as if we are tracing something lost somewhere, like searching for your tattered diary with your lovely past, because you're afraid you lost them as if you lost the evidence of your existence. Your happiness and sadness compose your existence.....but in your ordinary life, you become a maching, losing your consciousness day by day, however, it's hard to convice yourself you will accept this kind of life, at least now you cann't be conviced, so you leave, you go out, you start another travel again.
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