If somebody irritates you continuously without any self-awareness, choose express nothing is another kind of hypocrite because you choose to hide your true feeling and pretend you are a fucking gentle person. No need to protect his face ok? that's ridiculous!

i should thank to the cooperated Law office, i gave them only TWO setences to explain my little new trick to achieve a protection function and they replied me a stack of papers for my check and signature..i read it and....yeah....basically....right...but....actually...it's just... not so complicated......they made it like a huge system......amazing

There are always some irresponsible guys disliked by everybody in group but are the managers.I used to deal with this kind of boss in my postgraduate life. I completely understand how the suffering is.But job is quite simple, simpler than coping with professor who has complete power in your master degree that you have no way to resist....
And at this time, i always feel fortunate i am a engineer.

pity my colleague who is being read a rubbish lesson by his arrogant boss. so upset a profession needs to receive this kind of shit, profession is not supposed to cope with this dumb affairs.


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