just watch the movie "where the wild things are". never heard of about it but it's fantastic. It's a fairy tales about a boy who leaves home after a quarrel with his mom. it's more like a little sad even cruel story. he arrives the island meets some odd animals and becomes friends with them.

beneath child's fantasy with happiness and laugh is the uneasy atmosphere. it's not a truely happy story though they really have good time. i think the director made it be like this intentionally. I like the the music and the color tones of shot, apparently, for this idea, with gray amid light, depression in joyfulness.

have just watched the "Salt", a popcorn movie but for me kind of movie fan it's not enough, just feel so so. The other one "from Paris with Love", is ok, especiallt after the last half, I like the director's rhythm, his always neglects useless things to focus on the main narrative and this is so great for a popcorn movie...Yeah~We just want fight, explosion, car-racing and blood! and ur job is provide these and arrange them into a seemingly rational story and it's not a easy job. in terms of skill, it's quite as hard as the others with academy awards...XD

About Peter Berg: as some critics said: his style isn't out of Michael Mann especially in the movie "The kingdom" which is produced by Michael Mann. however, so far, i think the most suitable movie for him is the old movie "Friday night lights" which tells a small story about a school football team in a small town.

He is good to capture the emotion on common people faces by unfixed camera. He is used to make camera little unstable and unfocus shot initially and then concentrates after the shot on. It simulates the real process when we watch something.... Secondly, he is used to filter warm and light color to make the scene little cold and grey but he always emphasize some special color like white shining light. This make his movie a little gloomy. But i think all this is for he wanna intensify the roles' action in the film to move audience. embrace, kiss, weep, laugh....etc. But we can not ignore the music and dialog and a good actor's voice. So, this is his genre and his limit. Unless he is also the producer. I like his style, the pitcures are distante but the emotion still penetrates through the gloomy pictures, the light from the dark stadium in the remote town. That's the place he can elaborate his art.See more

Great director Ridley Scott
"Blade Runner".......THIS SF movie IS MY FAVORITE!!!!!! BD-remade edition was released at the same time which got high ranking. I Love so much the moist and dark city Ridley Scott built in the film and the cold atmosphere full of whole movie which is more like a over-industrial city to dead. Undoubtedlym the last line is the classical said by the stronrgest and smartest clone Roy after he saves Deckard's life with unclear reason.....

"Thelma & Louise" is classical especially in terms of female awakening, however, i would rather see it in the aspect from movie itself. it's quite a touching movie, any ideology extracted from ...it is the result from a excellent work, it's a premise.

"Black Rain" is also nice, you will see some similar cocept about what style he built the Japanese city. It refects that time in US the fear of Japanese economic power. And also it's completely a MAN movie. faith, friend, revenge...(and violence, blood, dirty words...yeah....)

The other classical SF movie made by Ridley is "Alien", not much budget (compare with the later 3 episodes), limited special effect, but sooooooo frighteningly....the fear of unknow from space...

"Gladiator" is also nice but for me it's more a commercial movie......i also like "Gladiator" and watched it many times because of it's well putting a hero's story in a great epic history. Nice balance, most importantly, he owns the skill to talk a story well, just skill, it's basic but somhow difficult for a director. Anyway, it's just comparison with his former achievements. He had made a lot of classical films....XD
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