Some people can not understand why somebody would post some secrets on public internet?

Maybe it’s kind of therapy by revealing one’s own stories and then trace back the source of sadness. Or at least gets a remission by expressing one’s feeling.

I don’t think it’s cowardice to show soft spot to people. What a coward would do is seeking of consolation BY doing this.

Generally speaking all writings are diaries. Diary is absolutely private, and supposed to be hidden deeply. But even you only write diary for yourself and never show it, you still have at least one reader: yourself.

I believe the writing is always after a hidden assumption of the existence of self-conscious, which is born from your own mind. The expression of feelings and the tracing to sadness satisfy the egos as we satisfy ourselves. Writing means a process we convey something to the other egos. Meanwhile it manifests the reader is the premise, not a question. Taking this as a question to suspect the motive of writing is not logical. We can observe those who suspect the motives of writing with this reason are those who don’t write. Because they are not aware of the self-conscious inside, or in other words, so-called “readers” don’t exist in their mind.

So the question for writers is not why we write, it’s supposed to how we write. And the process of contemplation is an examination, we start to sort memory, to build value system, we sort out the treasures and walk out on garbage, we categorize treasures, and we decide which to share, and which to hide. In this process, of course, we are all honest (because nobody else), and the writing to share became a projection, of ourselves, we share 100% to ourselves, we share little less to intimate friends, and we share much less to acquaintances,….it’s a result of introspection. No lie among it, the issue is the percentage to present. If someone allows lies inside, he is pathetic.

Therefore, whatever what he or she said, as long as it’s his kind of introspection, a honest expression, not immoderate begging, or boring crying, it’s never worthless.
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