The program embedded in brain via series of try-and-error in the past, orders our bodies and minds react automatically without much thinking. So behaviorism clams the soul doesn’t exist but only the animal reaction comes from exterior environment. We suspect this, we disagree at this, we still believe in we have will to decide our behaviors.

But it still has something to do with our egos even we intend to deny the unconsciousness owns part representative. We’re fractured inside, falling into a hell of self-suspiciousness. We regard intact as ordinary, and contradiction is abnormal, would lead to chaos and insane. We’re tortured, and it’s tough to make out which one is true, and what person I am.

The automatic reaction sometimes convinces me what personality I harbor, but something always agitates this awareness deep inside. That comes from the ghost inside body machine. The best solution so far is to conclude this contradiction, coexistence of soul and body, self consciousness and body responses. However, it also opens the gate to greet the pain of twist, and acknowledge the tragedy of human, who hands the ability to think of his own existence. This makes person wise, and insane as well. Bring happiness, and pain, at the same time.
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