approach perfectness, be better and better.
know it and be aware of it.
realize and then practice it.
and become practiced

neet to try and test
need to suffer and overcome
need to sorrow to get more understanding
need to hope to get happy and happier

impossibe to get through it easily.
possible to learn to cope with it and then easier to do.
impossibe to get real happiness without hardness
possible to get it with belief and cross the hardness.
impossibly only simple love without trouble
possible real love with complexity but with tough belief.

never ever give up so quickly, so easily, so carelessly.
never ever walk out on this only by emotionness.

it's nothing to do with how we go with the fate,
it's anything to do with how we face and struggle it.

it's tough to prepare for the coming trials
but I believe it would be better and better,
more and more happiness
less and less sadness
approach happiness
real and true happiness.
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